Pets rely on the mindful care and compassion of their owners for healthcare and preventive measures such as annual vaccinations.

Pet Vaccinations are a critical part of any wellness program, as our animal companions require vaccines just as humans do to help prevent a variety of diseases and potentially deadly infections. Even if your pet doesn’t frequent the outdoors, there are still core and non-core vaccinations that the veterinarian at our animal hospital in San Jose recommends to promote health and prolong their life span.

Core Pet Vaccinations

In order to avoid preventable illnesses in your cat or dog, our veterinarian in San Jose makes the following recommendations.

  • Core Cat Vaccinations—Rabies is by far the most important vaccination you can give your pet. However, feline herpesvirus, feline panleukopenia virus (distemper), and feline calicivirus are also advised to help stave off illnesses and contagions that are common in cats.
  • Core Dog Vaccinations—Beyond rabies vaccinations, your dog should also have injections to prevent canine parvovirus, adenovirus, canine parainfluenza virus, distemper, and Leptospira. Because dogs tend to love the great outdoors and can seemingly find their way into ‘messy situations,’ we strongly recommend that you consider several core vaccinations as well.

Non-Core Vaccines For Cats and Dogs

Environmental factors and your pet’s lifestyle play a large role in how our veterinarian in San Jose determines which non-core vaccinations are advisable for your pet. For our four-legged feline friends, we advise pet owners to allow their cat to have the feline leukemia virus, even after the first core vaccine administered in their first year of life. Our canine friends, especially those in multi-pet households or who are board occasionally, should also have a Borrelia burgdorferi vaccine to prevent Lyme disease and a Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccine to prevent a kennel cough.

Scheduling Your Pet Vaccinations in San Jose

Kittens and puppies should ideally have their first wellness examinations at eight weeks of age, and that is where we begin administering these life-saving vaccines. After their first exam, we encourage you to bring your pup or kitty in every month to receive their booster shots until they are four or five months old. Upon the completion of their juvenile vaccinations, we will exam your furry friend every year to ensure their health and maintain these essential immunity providing vaccinations.

Need Pet Vaccinations from a Veterinarian in San Jose?

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