Help Control the Pet Population

Spay and neuter surgery is sometimes referred to as getting your pet “fixed” — but it’s more accurate to describe sexual sterilization as a preventative measure. Here at Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital, our San Jose veterinarian, Dr. Bath, is happy to offer this form of care for your pet.

Why Is Sterilization So Important?

If you always loved puppies and kittens, you may wonder why spaying or neutering is considered so essential by the veterinary community. Sterilization offers many preventative health and wellness benefits, especially where reproductive diseases are concerned. Cancers of the testicles, ovaries or uterus, can prove deadly — but when those organs are removed, so are the associated cancer risks. Removal of the reproductive organs also lowers the risk for mammary gland cancer in females and prostate issues in males. Sterilization also prevents the hormonal factors that drive pets to roam dangerous areas or get into fights that can lead to injury.

Even the prevention of pregnancy can ultimately be highly beneficial, not just for your pet but for all San Jose pets. Some breeds naturally have difficulty giving birth, forcing them to undergo C-sections or risk their lives during labor. You may find that you can’t care for the puppies or kittens, causing you to hand them over to an animal shelter. Millions of animals must be destroyed each year simply because animal shelters lack the room and resources to keep them indefinitely. Sterilization, therefore, performs a great service for the pet community in general.

The Spaying or Neutering Process

As with so many other forms of surgery, our veterinarian in San Jose will first check for any health issues that might complicate spaying or neutering. We will advise you to withhold food after your pet’s normal dinnertime on the night before surgery; this helps ensure that no food is aspirated while your pet is anesthetized. Both spay and neuter surgery is very straightforward procedures. Neutering, or removal of the testicles, is the simpler of the two operations and may be completed in just a few minutes. Spay surgery, which calls for the removal of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, is somewhat more invasive and may take up to 90 minutes (especially if your pet is in heat).

Your pet should be able to go home with you that same day. We will prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers to help ensure an easier, more comfortable recovery. Your pet may also wear a neck cone to prevent any licking at the incision site, which increases the risk of infection.

Contact Our Veterinarian in San Jose

The earlier your pet is spayed or neutered, the better. We typically offer the procedure starting at 8 weeks of age to ensure that your pet receives a full lifetime’s worth of benefits. Call 408-972-2000 today to schedule sexual sterilization surgery with our veterinarian in San Jose!