If you have a cat or dog that is getting up there in age, providing it with proper vet care is important during this later stage in life.

Make an appointment at Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital in San Jose to meet with our veterinarian. Our veterinarian will provide you with recommendations to care for your aging animal and will take the time to evaluate their health so they continue to live as comfortably as possible. Here is some information about senior pet wellness to read over so you understand why it is so important for your dog or cat.

Be Aware Of Signs Of Aging

When your pet ages, there are a few signs that indicate it is struggling to go about its normal activities without pain or discomfort. Many pets slow down as they get older. This is often because arthritis settles into the body as joints deteriorate. Your pet might not have the same appetite as it did at a lower age. This could be because the body is not as active or because the pet is having difficulty with tooth loss, which leads to pain when eating. It is best to monitor your pet’s behavior and bring it to our vet anytime there is a change you notice.

Make Things Easier For Your Pet

As your cat or dog ages, a few lifestyle changes can make a difference in the comfort level your pet experiences. Do not encourage your pet to exercise or take longer walks than they are able to handle due to their condition. If your pet struggles with steps, consider adding a ramp to make their venture up and down easier. Keep their water bowl and food dish elevated with a holder to make it easier for them to drink and eat. These small steps make a world of difference for an aging pet.

See Our Veterinarian Regularly

A part of caring for an aging pet is taking them to regular appointments at our facility to check over their health. If your pet is suffering from any type of medical condition, our veterinarian will handle the situation promptly and efficiently so your pet’s quality of life remains positive. Some older pets require medication as they age to help prolong their life. Our vet will discuss this with you if it pertains to your pet’s medical condition. Make sure to adhere to our vet’s recommended schedule for appointment frequency so your cat or dog remains in the best health possible.

Contact Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital in San Jose to schedule a session for your pet for a well-visit. Our veterinarian is also available to handle medical emergencies. Call 408-972-2000 for more information.