Depending on the type of pet you have, they may have different grooming needs.

Some pets need basic grooming, such as brushing and tooth brushing, nearly every day. Some need a weekly bath, but others can go a month or more between baths. Actual “haircut” needs vary even more depending on the breed.

Regardless of how much or how often you do it, pet grooming in San Jose is definitely important. Some pet owners take on the task entirely by themselves, while others muddle through the essential components, and leave the major grooming tasks to the professionals. While it is most common for pet owners to look for a professional groomer to take care of whatever grooming tasks they don’t feel comfortable with, many can benefit from taking their pet to San Jose veterinarians that provide grooming services,  such as Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital in San Jose, CA.

Whether a grooming task is small, like a gentle daily brushing or tooth brushing or is more involved like a bath or hair cut it provides an opportunity to inspect the pet for potential skin conditions or the presence of fleas, ticks, or mites. Grooming should also include care for your pet’s feet and nails in order to assure that walking and playing remain comfortable.

What San Jose Veterinarians Do During a Pet Bath/Grooming Appointment

There are some benefits to having a San Jose veterinarian handle your pet’s grooming needs. They are able to closely examine your pet’s skin during a bath and determine whether specialty shampoos are necessary in order to prevent irritation or dryness. They are also able to look for signs of infection, fleas, or ticks and use any medicated productions that may be needed. They can also see that nails are trimmed to an appropriate length, and that foot pads and anal glands are properly taken care of too, including anal gland extraction if needed.

FAQs and Answers about Pet Bathing and Grooming

  • What kind of training is required to become a dog groomer?
    There are dog grooming certification programs available, but there are no minimum requirements. Some groomers begin doing pet grooming in San Jose after a few hours of training.
  • What types of credentials should I look for in a groomer?
    Although certification isn’t required, serious groomers make a point of having them. A master groomer is certified by the NDGA has had their skills tested in both written and practical tests and have properly learned how to handle pesticides, how to assure proper hygiene in their shop, they understand the basic anatomy of the dog, handling techniques, and first aid. At Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital, our San Jose veterinarians have these credentials by default, so you don’t have to be concerned about the safety of your pet.
  • What Shots are Required Before Bringing a Pet into a Groomer?
    At a minimum, your pet should be up to date on rabies shots. Some groomers also require a bordetella shot. One of the perks of getting your dog groomed at the vet is that it is easy to verify that they are up to date with vaccinations before grooming begins.
  • Can groomers offer services beyond a bath or haircut, such as expressing anal glands?
    Some groomers may be skilled at expressing anal glands, but in many states, it is illegal for them to do this. Getting your pet groomed at your vet will give them access to someone who knows for sure if this procedure is necessary, and can do it safely.

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