Preventative Pet Services at Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital

Do you make a point of scheduling regular medical checkups for yourself, your spouse, or your kids because you don’t dare leave your wellness to chance? If so, then you should understand the importance of preventative care for your non-human family members as well. Pets also require preventative exams and other procedures so they can remain healthy and happy for many years. You can protect your San Jose pet’s health through the preventative pet services we offer right here at Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital.

What Is Preventative Care?

You might think of preventative care as a cost-effective form of “wellness insurance.” Procedures that keep your pet safe from various diseases and disorders offer tremendous value, not only in terms of your pet’s quality of life but also as means of avoiding major veterinary treatments for advanced, complicated health problems. Preventative care is an easy, low-stress way to help ensure your pet is as healthy as possible at all times. Typical preventative measures include:

  • Wellness exams – We can examine your pet from head to tail, checking everything from the ears and ears to his stance, gait, and weight. These yearly or twice-yearly exams also include laboratory testing, vital sign monitoring, and other methods for ascertaining your pet’s health. A wellness exam may also include dental evaluation and cleaning.
  • Preventative medications – We administer vaccinations, pest preventatives, and medications to prevent parasitic infestations. By administering these medications on the recommended schedules, we can keep your pet from succumbing to several deadly diseases.
  • Microchipping – Microchipping is considered preventative because it can keep you from being forever separated from your pet. the RFID microchip is so tiny it can be injected into the body as a nonsurgical procedure.
  • Spaying and neutering – These sexual sterilization surgeries obviously prevent pregnancy. But they also prevent reproductive diseases such as ovarian, uterine, and testicular cancer.
  • Lifestyle adjustments and recommendations – We can recommend dietary changes, exercise programs, behavioral training, and other best practices as needed to help your pet lead a healthier, more comfortable life.

Leave Your Pet’s Wellness to Our Veterinary Team

Preventative care may emphasize different pet services at different stages of life. For instance, spay/neuter surgery and multiple rounds of vaccinations may be recommended while your pet is a puppy or kitten, while senior pet exams may place extra emphasis on lab testing to catch age-related ailments. Whatever preventative services your pet needs, we’re ready to provide them.

So call Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital at 408-972-2000 to schedule a wellness exam or other care at our San Jose veterinary clinic!