Over recent years, veterinary medicine has been rapidly improving to help animals live longer and healthier lives.

New technologies have offered many opportunities for improving diagnosis and treatment for animals. Digital ultrasound is a convenient diagnostic tool to help veterinarians determine internal injuries and abnormalities without the need for invasive surgery. At Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital, we can provide digital ultrasound to diagnose health problems in pets faster, so effective treatments can begin more quickly.

What Is Digital Ultrasound?

Ultrasound devices use sound waves, which passes over organs and tissues and creates a computerized digital image that allows veterinarians to “see” inside an animal’s body to determine the condition. Sound beams are translated into electronic pulses, which are converted into an image. The highly refined equipment produces an accurate picture of the internal tissues, which can then be evaluated for abnormalities by your veterinarian.

How Is Digital Ultrasound Used?

Digital ultrasound is implemented by passing the traducer over the animal’s body a number of times. The sound beam is translated into a digital image, which appears on a screen. Because the sound beam uses multiple echoes to produce the electronic image, it can produce a detailed image of the internal part of the body. The digital ultrasound images inform the veterinarian about changes in the size, the shape of organs, as well as the condition of soft tissue structures throughout the body.

What Types of Problems Can Digital Ultrasound Find?

Digital ultrasound is most often used to diagnose heart problems and abdominal injuries. It allows veterinarians to view obstructions and abnormalities in tissue structure. Vets also use it to determine the extent of soft tissue injuries of the extremities. Ultrasound can also detect accumulations of fluid around the heart, abdomen or other parts of the body, which could signal a life-threatening problem. It can also be used to detect urinary stones or find foreign bodies lodged in the gastrointestinal tract.

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