Surgery: From Simple Procedures to Highly Complex

At Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital, pet surgery is one of the many services that our San Jose veterinarian performs on a regular basis. If you’ve been told that your pet needs surgery and are looking for a veterinary team you can trust with your beloved pet, look no further than our animal hospital.

Common Surgeries Performed in Our Office

There are many reasons as to why your pet may need surgery. The most common surgical procedure we perform in our office is that of spay and neuter surgery. This surgery is recommended for most domesticated dogs and cats and involves the removal of parts of your pet’s reproductive system (the ovaries in female pets and the testicles in male pets).

In addition to spay and neuter, however, there are many other potential surgeries that a pet may need based on his or her health. Some of these include:

  • dental surgeries (such as extractions and root canals)
  • tumor or other mass removals (surgical oncology)
  • orthopedic surgery (hip replacement, bone fracture repair, etc.)

The Importance of Anesthesia During Surgery

Any time a pet needs surgery, it is important for general anesthesia to be used. This will allow for maximum safety and comfort of your pet, as well as an uninterrupted focus on our surgical team. Whenever possible (which is almost always aside from emergency surgery cases), we will perform a pre-anesthetic evaluation to make sure that anesthesia will be safely used on your pet. This will include pre-surgical blood work to determine how much anesthesia will be needed for your pet as well as the type of anesthesia that will be best for your pet’s needs and specific procedure.

While your pet is under anesthesia, you can rest assured that he or she will be carefully monitored. Our veterinary team will closely track all of your pet’s vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate not just during the procedure, but afterward as well.

Your Guide to Post-Operative Care

Depending on the procedure your pet has done, we may also prescribe painkillers for you to administer to your pet following surgery. This will aid in relieving or even preventing pain as your pet recovers from the surgery.

We will also provide you with any at-home care guidelines that you will need to keep your pet as comfortable as possible and encourage quick healing. This may include making special accommodations for your pet or even switching them temporarily to a certain food. If you have any questions during your pet’s recovery, our veterinary team is always happy to help.

Schedule an Appointment With Our San Jose Veterinarian

If your pet is in need of surgery, we strongly encourage you to schedule a consultation with our San Jose veterinarian as soon as possible. You can reach our office at Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital by giving us a call at 408-972-2000. We look forward to meeting you and your pet, and providing the best in care!