Pet Diagnostic Imaging in San Jose, CA

At Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital, our warm and caring staff treats each beloved animal companion that comes through our doors as if it were a member of our own family. If your animal is in need of diagnostic imaging, you should know that the pet radiology in San Jose that we provide enables us to get imagery much faster than is possible with conventional x-ray systems.

We are proud to offer advanced animal care services for pets in the greater San Jose area and beyond. Led by Dr. Garry Bath, a licensed veterinarian with more than 21 years of experience, our goal is to deliver the highest level of care to each pet we see.

Whether your cat or dog is pregnant or has an injury or disease, you’ll be relieved that insight into the condition will be faster and easier thanks to our use of digital radiology right here in the hospital.

Read on for information about the benefits of digital radiology and the types of conditions that these advanced scans can detect in pets.

Benefits of Digital Radiology versus X-rays

Since the digital radiology equipment is here at our animal hospital, there is no waiting (such as when a vet orders conventional x-rays, which take time to develop).

Pet owners who are concerned about exposing their beloved animal companions to excessive radiation from x-rays will appreciate that digital radiology involves much less exposure to radiation.

When time is of the essence, you’d be right to prefer digital radiology, since it’s much faster than having to wait for the x-ray system’s wet film processors to warm up before they can process images of the body’s interior.

Radiologists can detect problems in digital scans much easier, thanks to computerized contrasting and higher resolution imagery.

What’s more, if the vet needs to refer your pet to a specialist, the digital radiology images can be sent over instantly via email instead of waiting for a courier or other delivery service to bring over the physical x-ray images.

Conditions a Digital Radiology Scan Can Help Detect

A wide variety of conditions can be detected with digital radiology. Our team of San Jose veterinarians uses digital scans to check whether animals have such conditions as:

  • Bladder stones
  • Broken bones
  • Cancerous tumors
  • Dental issues
  • Foreign objects
  • Pregnancy
  • Vital organ injury or disease

There’s not enough room here to list all possible conditions that the vet can detect with the help of digital radiology. If you do not see a condition listed here for your pet, please get in touch with our staff to inquire about our digital imaging capabilities.

Make an Appointment for Pet Radiology in San Jose Today

Given the fact that digital radiology helps the vet diagnose and treat animals much faster and more efficiently with less exposure to radiation, it’s no wonder that more pet owners prefer this method of diagnostic imaging.

If you have questions about pet radiology or are now ready to make an appointment with one of our San Jose veterinarians, please call Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital at 408-972-2000 today.