Did you know that, just like us, pets can have orthopedic problems requiring pet surgery?

At Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital in San Jose, California, our skilled veterinarians can conduct a physical exam to pinpoint the cause of your pet’s pain and dysfunction, then design a plan of action to treat it.

What Is Orthopedic Surgery?

This branch of medicine deals with injury, deformity, and disease of the bony skeleton, joints, and associated soft tissues to include the joint capsule, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.

Common Orthopedic Issues for Pets

  • Hip dysplasia. A genetic disease more common in larger breeds, hip dysplasia can also lead to chronic arthritis.
  • Anterior cruciate ligament tears or ACL. Because our pets are athletic, they will likely experience the same kinds of tears in the ligaments of their knees. To prevent crippling arthritis, later on, surgical intervention is often required.
  • Luxating Patellas. The kneecap can easily slip out of place. Corrective surgery can resolve the issue.
  • Disc disease. In smaller breeds, the discs of the neck are at risk. In larger breeds, the discs of the back are more problematic.

Orthopedic Screenings for Pets

  • Congenital defects. Congenital means a birth defect. It is not unusual for a pet to be born with an orthopedic problem that needs addressing. Some of the most common we see at birth are hip dysplasia (when the ball and socket separate), elbow dysplasia, medial patellar luxation (kneecap displacement), and limb deformity.
  • Accidental injury. It happens to our pets just like it happens to us. Our dogs run, jump, pivot, catch frisbees, fall. As a result, they pull ligaments and break limbs. Anterior cruciate ligament tears and luxating patellas are common knee injuries. Cats can suffer traumatic injuries doing their gymnastic jumps from the highest shelf, resulting in limping and swelling. Sometimes these injuries require orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation, just like those of our favorite athletes.
  • Aging and breed-specific problems. Some breeds are predisposed to orthopedic problems. Dachshunds, for example, with their short legs and long backs are likely to develop disc disease requiring pet surgery. Bony deformities and hip dysplasia are often present in fast-growing, large-breed dogs like Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes, and Newfoundlands. All pets are subject to the ravages of the aging process, arthritis, and obesity.

Comprehensive Services 7 Days A Week in San Jose, CA

Whether through accident, body design, or aging, it’s a sure bet that at some time, you and your pet will deal with issues that may require pet surgery. In the San Jose area, the Bloom Plaza Animal Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Garry Bath, DVM, can accommodate you and your pet for both regular and emergency appointments. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment will provide the most comprehensive evaluations and treatments available. With our extensive services and 7-day-a-week hours, we are positioned to offer the highest quality care to your pet from birth to senior companion.  Call us for an appointment today at 408-972-2000.