Diabetes is a metabolic condition that involves the production of insulin in the body.

Good management of the disease can help protect pets from a variety of complications that can threaten their health. At Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital in San Jose, CA, we can provide ongoing care for your pet with diabetes.

Understanding Diabetes in Pets

Diabetes is a disease of the pancreas, which produces the hormone insulin. When no insulin is produced, or an insufficient amount is available, glucose produced from normal metabolic processes begins to build up in the bloodstream. This buildup can cause damage to blood vessels throughout the body and can lead to impairment of the heart, kidneys and other organs. The goal of treatment is to maintain normal blood sugar levels, to prevent these harmful effects.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Both dogs and cats can develop diabetes. Your pet may drink excessive amounts of water, urinate frequently and may have accidents in the house. Animals may be constantly hungry, even while losing weight. They may have a cloudy look to their eyes and may be less active than usual.

Diagnosing Pet Diabetes

Your vet in San Jose will administer urine and blood tests to determine blood sugar levels in the body. If the levels are higher than normal, the vet will advise you on a course of treatment to manage the condition to maintain health.

Treatments for Pet Diabetes

Insulin injections provide the necessary hormone to allow your pet’s body to remove glucose from the bloodstream. Oral medications are not available for animals, so owners must learn to administer these injections. It’s easier than it sounds, and your San Jose veterinarian will ensure that you know the right way to give these injections to your diabetic pet. In addition, the vet will advise you on providing a low-carbohydrate diet for your pet, regular exercise and other measures that can help your pet maintain a healthy life. Regular visits to the vet at your San Jose animal hospital will ensure that the disease is under good control.

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