Dermatology issues in pets require intervention from a veterinarian if they do not clear up quickly, on their own.

Contacting Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital in San Jose to meet with our practitioner is an option available if your dog or cat is suffering from a rash, skin irritation, or another dermatology problem. Here is some information about skin difficulties and how our veterinarian can help if your pet needs treatment.

Some Common Skin Problems In Pets

There are many types of skin ailments that could inflict a cat or dog. Some pets have allergic reactions to specific foods, grooming supplies, or the environment which could lead to itchiness, rash, or drying of the skin as a symptom of the condition. Other pets suffer from skin problems because of the presence of parasites within their fur. Pets could have skin problems because they are groomed too often, leading to the depletion of necessary oils in the skin. Other pets may have anxiety problems which cause them to bite at their fur, leading to missing patches and skin exposure.

How To Help Your Pet Avoid Skin Conditions

If your pet has a known allergy, do your best to avoid triggers so skin problems do not arise. If you suspect your pet has an allergy but are unsure about the trigger, our vet can help you pinpoint it with the aid of an evaluation of your pet’s condition and tests which are conducted right in our office. Make sure to wash all grooming products from your pet’s fur in its entirety after a shampoo session. Check your pet’s coat for fleas or ticks often as well. Parasites can be treated and prevented with topical medication which you can obtain from our veterinarian if needed. Pets with missing fur may require medication to treat an anxiety problem in addition to skin trouble. It is best to call our veterinarian if you notice this condition.

What Our Veterinarian Can Do To Help Your Pet

The best way to help your pet avoid getting a skin condition is to have routine checks of your animal’s overall health conducted by our veterinarian. During these visits, our vet will look at your pet’s skin in detail to ensure there are no problems present. Any dermatology issues found will be treated with appropriate measures so that your pet’s skin heals without additional discomfort.

Call Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital Today!

When a pet suffers from any type of dermatology trouble from a rash to skin irritation, give Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital in San Jose a call to make an appointment with our veterinarian for a checkup. Reach out to our practice today by calling us at 408-972-2000 for more information about pet skin problems.