Comprehensive Pet Services When You Need Them

When you visit Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital, we treat you and your pet just like family. As a trusted and experienced veterinarian in San Jose, we are here to answer your questions and help your pet to feel their very best. Dr. Bath is our onsite veterinarian and he’s ready to provide you with the very best in care.

We strive to provide our patients with the very best care. When you come in to see our veterinarian in San Jose, Dr. Bath, you get outstanding support and one-on-one care. We offer comprehensive pet care for all of our patients and most types of animals. You can ensure your pet gets all of his or her care in a comfortable clinic.


Bloom Plaza Animal Hospital is a top-rated local pet provider and full-service animal aospital in San Jose. Our veterinarian and staff work to ensure your pet is treated just like family.



Pets require preventative exams and other procedures to remain healthy and happy for many years. You can protect your pet’s health through the preventative pet services we offer right here in San Jose.